In 2011- 12 commands, 28 persons took part in festival.
They are sculptors from Belarus, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Solikamsk, Tobolsk, Nizhni Tagil,
Krasnodar territory, Perm, Novouralsk, Ekaterinburg.

For the first time in history festival the national team from Ekaterinburg has won the Prize of spectator sympathies.
For the first time the first place has coincided with the Prize of the Archbishop of Ekaterinburg and Verhotursky Vikentij.
For the first time the national team from Novosibirsk has executed a sculpture in difficult technology:
Ice at first was cut on the form of cubes, and then stuck together under the necessary form.
Thus, the effect of internal sides in a volume sculpture was created. 
Organizers thank all who helped with festival carrying out!

 With Christmas holiday!