Our experience on building of ice small towns - 8 years,
And experience of carrying out of the international festivals on an ice sculpture - 5 years.

Besides, our company is engaged in working out of projects  from the sketch to a ready sculpture.

 Look our projects and photo galleries.

Throughout many years we cooperate with professional sculptors and artists.

Our customers are such companies, as "Intershou" (Ekaterinburg), "Uralelektromed" (Pyshma), КУМЗ (Kamensk-Ural metal works), УВЗ (the Ural car-building factory, Nizhni Tagil), Administrations of cities of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk area (Chelyabinsk, Three-mountain, Serov,  Pyshma, Nizhni Tagil, Kamensk-Ural), and also the private companies and businessmen which order an ice fairy tale on the eve of a gala day.

We suggest you to get acquainted with our ice projects. To order in us a sculpture from ice or ice small town, it is necessary to call by phone: 89222971711 or to send the letter on an e-mail: 

We will offer you already ready sketches or, depending on your wishes, we will create new - only for you!

To look a photo gallery of V International festival of an ice sculpture "Bethlehem star"-2011
To look a nonfreezing fountain among ice
To look sculptures from marble
To look sculptures from bronze
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